Deep Blue [Black Vinyl Repress]

Luigi Tozzi / Deepbass / Claudio Prc

Record label
Hypnus Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 21st 2020


A1BioluminescenceLuigi Tozzi
A2ChemosynthesisLuigi Tozzi
B1BioluminescenceLuigi Tozzi remix Deepbass
B2ChemosynthesisLuigi Tozzi remix Claudio Prc

Supported by Cio D'Or, Deepbass, Etapp Kyle, Mattias Fridell, Ness, Samuli Kemppi, Svreca, Takaaki Itoh, Unam Zetineb, Exium, Alessio Pili, Antonio de Angelis, Artefakt, Edit/Select, Jonas Kopp, Kwartz, Mod21, Reggy van Oers, Juho Kahilainen, Eric Cloutier, Johanna Knutsson, Tom Bonaty, Arnaud le Texier, Brando Lupi, I/Y, Iori, MTD, Nima Khak, Par Grindvik, SNTS, The Noisemaker, VSK, Attemporal, Casual Violence, Rasmus Hedlund, Sleeparchive, Terence Fixmer, Eastern Renaissance, Victor Martinez and many, many more. Cio D'Or [Telrae]: 'The whole release is a dream!' 9/10 Iori [Phonica White]: 'Full suport!!' 10/10 Kwartz [PoleGroup]: 'Beautiful EP as always from Hypnus, you are doing a very very cool work, full support to the project' 10/10 Casual Violence [Unknown Precept]: 'Huge fan of Hydrothermal Vent. Beautiful record. 9/10 Terence Fixmer [CLR]: 'Some nice atmospheres in the EP. interesting vibes.' 9/10 Samuli Kemppi [Ostgut Ton]: 'I really love this release.' 10/10 Juho Kahilainen [Prologue]: 'Incredible release. I'm in love with every track. Big up Luigi Tozzi and Hypnus.' 10/10 Deepbass [Informa Records]: 'Yet again some amazing stuff from Tozzy, so happy to be part of this release, love all originals and of course Claudios beautiful version' 10/10 Ness [Dynamic Reflection]: 'Don't need to say anything on this one! ;)' 10/10 Nima Khak [Suara]: 'Deep and tasty as I have come to expect from the Hypnus posse! Hard to pick a favorite on the first listening but most of it sounds great! Thanks!' 9/10 Victor Matinez / Error Etica [Rising Label]: 'Love this Stuff .. full support' 9/10 Arnaud le Texier [Affin]: 'Really great release with great remixes! Thx' 9/10 Takaaki Itoh [Phobiq]: 'great release! really like sub phonic zone,darren and claudio rmx. im sure to play. full support.' 10/10 Par Grindvik [Stockholm LTD]: 'i can see myself play them all,, sweet one' 10/10 Mod21 [Prologue]: 'Really nice deep stuff by Luigi, as expected; all tracks are nice, thanks : - )' 9/10 Artefakt [Field Records]: 'Tozzi is really a new promise in the scene. Very strong ep and both Claudio as Deepbass delivered an excellent job on remix duties.' 10/10 Eric Cloutier [Mosaic]: 'god damnit, you guys? stop sending me such good music. :-P this one is really, really amazing. at first i was beginning to wonder if the remixes were even necessary, as the originals are so good, but they do add a bit more dancefloor to the otherwise chill originals. that being said, i need this on vinyl. asap. hahaha.' 9/10 Tom Bonaty [Founder of Prologue]: 'Wunderfull release at all. Off course i prefer Claudio's remix :-)' 8/10 Johanna Knutsson [Zodiac 44]: 'For some reason I would like to sit alone in a dark forest with light snow falling on my shoulders whilst listening to this,then I would be the happiest person alive. Wonderful release as usual.' 10/10