Movement Strobe


Record label
Hypnus Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 17th 2017


A1Movement Strobe 1BLNDR
A2Movement Strobe 2BLNDR
B1Movement Strobe 3BLNDR
B2Movement Strobe (Evigt Mörker Interpretation)BLNDR remix Evigt Morker

Antonio Ruscito (Edit Select): "Amazing, unbelievable.." Artefakt (Prologue): "excellent record with beautiful rework by Evigt" Attemporal (ATT Series): "Thanks. Brilliant release as always" Ben Buitenidjk (Ogun Records): "Nice release again! Movement Strobe 2 is my fav" Brendon Moeller / Echologist (M_Rec Ltd.): "loving this label more and more!" Cio D'Or (Telrae): "Very beautiful and deeply touching EP! Merci* to BLNDR & Hypnus!" Claudio PRC (TGP): "Great release! Love all, Evigt Morker remix is superb!" Deepbass (Informa Records): "Love it! All tracks are ace" Eric Cloutier (Wolfskuil Records): "more badassery from the hypnus team. love it!!!" Etapp Kyle (Klockworks): "Terryfic deepness. I love Movement Strobe 2" Exium (Pole Group): "Hypnus always fanatastic." Hector Oaks (Key Vinyl): "great hypnotic tracks once again, thanks!" Iori (Phonica White): "Very nice EP! will play for sure! " Kwartz (RSVD): "Full support, the four tracks are awesome, thanks!" Luigi Tozzi (Hypnus Records): "Fantastic EP, very coherent and the remix fits perfectly. Movement Strobe 1 is my pick, perfect track!" Mattias Fridell (Gynoid Audio): "I'm really into the Evigt Morker remake but everything here is swell and sound as can be. Cheers" Ness (Dynamic Reflection): "Strobe 1 and Evigt Morker Interpretation are my fav! Good ep" Periskop (Kabalion): "Great atmotechno. Deep and dense yet delicate and elaborate." Rasmus Hedlund (Ljudverket): "Another great Hypnus release!" Stefan Vincent (Stockholm Ltd): "strobe 3 my favourite, but all 4 cuts are great. always a joy to see new hypnus releases!" Stephanie Sykes (Fullpanda): "I love this release!!! Thank you." Takaaki Itoh (Planet Rhythm): "always great. really hypnotizing. sure to play all. full support!" More early support from Amandra (Ahrpe), Antonio de Angelis, Arnaud le Texier, BLNDR, DJ Sandrien, Edanticonf, Elle, Nima Khak, Oscar Mulero, Refracted, Retina.IT, Rraph, Samuli Kemppi, Shaded Explorer, Subforms, The Noisemaker, Tommy Four Seven, Unam Zetinebm, Victor Martinez / Error Etica, Vilix among others.