Zodiac [Printed Sleeve repress]

Various Artists

Record label
Hypnus Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 20th 2017


A1Dyson Sector (Cassegrain Swarm Vinyl Edit)Korridor
A2Dyson Sector (Cassegrain Stellar Version)Korridor
A3Binocular ObserverKorridor remix Ness
B1The UntitledsBLNDR remix Svreca
B2Vacuum DecayKorridor remix Mike Parker
C1Mental Stretching (Incantation 2)BLNDR remix Alan Backdrop
C2WsjrNtogn & Luigi Tozzi remix Orphx
D1Untitled 1 (Cio D'Or Trilogy Remix)BLNDR remix Cio D'or
D2Sub-Photic ZoneLuigi Tozzi remix Edit Select

Arnaud le Texier (Cocoon Records): "Top quality! Really nice.." 10/10 Cio D'Or (Telrae): "An amazing double Vinyl of different interpretations from some music friends in techno for Hypnus! Thank you!" 9/10 David Att (ATT Series): "SUPER VARIOS ARTIST. THANKS: D" 10/10 Deepbass (Informa Records): "Great remix package here! Will be using most of them, a true showcase of the love for Hypnus" 10/10 Etapp Kyle (Klockworks): "Edit Select and Mike Parker are winners!" 8/10 Exium (PoleGroup): "Great stuff, thanks!" 8/10 Francois X (Dement3d): "Perfect Package of Remix!" 10/10 I/Y: "wow.. really good.. too many of them to choose one favourite" 10/10 Kwartz (Shapeless Records): "Congratulations for this great work, I love every song of the release" 10/10 Mattias Fridell (Gynoid): "This is a very solid compilation congrats." 8/10 MTD (Sonntag Morgen): "AMAZING release! hard to choose a favorite..." 10/10 Mod21 (Prologue): "No words for this release.. Hypnus is flying high!!" 10/10 Nima Khak (H-Productions): "Great bits! The Ness mix is outstanding, but a lot of great stuff in this package! Will play for sure!" 9/10 Nobody Home (Home Records): "Very nice release with many of my favorite musicians! Thank you very much :-)" 8/10 Reggy van Oers (Affin): "Some crazy stuff in here! love it!" 9/10 Samuli Kemppi (M_REC Ltd.): "Fan boy likes. Brilliant release. Full support." 10/10 Svreca (Semantica Records): "Excellent release. Full support." 8/10 Takaaki Itoh (Phobiq): "what a great trks. im sure to play all of them. full support!" 10/10 Terence Fixmer (CLR): "Top release, difficult to choose a favourite here...all are nice." 10/10 The Noisemaker (Par Recordings): "Hypnus is going to be one of the best label on earth! full support! all tracks have his own personality and are well designed.. top for opening a djset" 10/10 Tommy Four Seven (Stroboscopic Artefacts): "Big!" 8/10 Also supported by: Dimi Angelis, Unam Zetineb, Antonio de Angelis, Artefakt, DARS, Gianluca Meloni, Jonas Kopp, Hector Oaks, Juho Kahilainen, Vilix, Eric Cloutier, Brendon Moeller (Echologist), Iori, Jose Pouj, VSK, AnD, Rasmus Hedlund, Victor Martinez, Antonio Vazquez, BLNDR, Luigi Tozzi and many more.