Fireflies EP


Record label
Horizons Music
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 24th 2008


B1Worn Out
C1Opium Lady
D1The Shrine

A faint whisper, tranquil pads, and a tight, polished breakbeat pattern introduce the title track of French prodigy NAIBUs debut EP for Horizons. Enlisting the exceptional vocal talents of KIYOMI, NAIBU commandingly conjures up visions of a new world with this masterful piece of emotive sound design. WORN OUT Eastern percussive elements and lush vintage keys navigate this acoustic bass-led track into deeper waters where we submerge to discover a mosaic of sonic textures. A catchy, celestial synth line complements a swirling array of well-positioned stabs, rich pads, and clear breaks to create a well-balanced glimpse of untapped beauty in its purest form. OPIUM LADY Equal parts dancefloor-ready as it is for headphone-consumption, OPIUM LADY seduces the listener and acts as an intoxicant. An accompaniment to ones spatial journey through surreal lands where cosmic sound effects, airy vocals, and expertly-crafted beats all harmonically coexist, this is truly music for both mind and body. THE SHRINE Entering this mystical lair, we find the presence of both the rough and the smooth as NAIBU aurally constructs a dwelling for mythic beautys darker side. Aggressive breaks, foreboding vocals, and an insistent, pulsating bassline coalesce to form a fitting end in the final chapter of an EP destined to become a future classic.