Internal Affairs Vol. 1

Various Artists

Record label
Horizons Music
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 26th 2009


A1In ControlSaburuko & Brother
B1Open WideMutt
C1CentrelineSaburuko & Will Miles & Kjell
D1Would You Do It All Again?Bungle
E1Someone Brooklyn remix Naibu
F1The Beautiful LifeBachelors Of Science

After 4 years this is where we land. Thats Internal affairs, its about the Horizons music artists and is an inhouse compilation, Russ Saburuko has been a bit quiet on Horizons so this album lets him unleash some of his best work and gives people a taster of whats to come from his solo album. Bachelors contribute a track which they did after they finished the Science fiction album. SABURUKO + BROTHER IN CONTROL A tune that was featured on Marcus Intalex solution radio show, lovely laid back vibe to this one and choice vox MUTT OPEN WIDE Mutt had finished his Treading water lp on Inside. Theres not much more to be said its Mutt and its rolling, great samples, a real sparkler of a tune. SABURUKO + WILL MILES + KJELL CENTRELINE This one is one of Saburukos best work yet, however the credit is shared 3 ways! This one starts of nice but ends up in a twisted acid timebomb at the end, quite a description yes, but you have got to just check it yourself! BUNGLE WOULD YOU DO IT ALL AGAIN? Ok this is the odd one out, We hold up our hands!. Yes Bungle isnt affiliated with Horizons. So yes he is an external affair. But this tune was so good, we had to put it on. Check it were sure you will agree with us, and that vocal uplifting as f BROOKLYN SOMEONE (NAIBU REMIX) Naibu remixes one of Brooklyns tunes, we just put out Naibus ep on Horizons [HZN030] and he did Secrecy with Hydro as part of our Dreamthief compilation and expect much more to come from Naibu on Horizons. His Someone remix has got so many plaudits, classy is the word.. BACHELORS OF SCIENCE THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE Bachelors had finished their album and we think they hadnt wound down, they finished a couple of tunes soon after this being one of them, and yes its beautiful and so it should be with a name like that!