Who's Gonna Lead / Shadowdancer

Dabs feat. Wrath / Nphonix & Enei

Record label
Icarus Audio
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 25th 2010


A1Who's Gonna Lead Dabs feat. Wrath5:13
B1ShadowdancerNphonix & Enei5:19

A-Side: Dabs + Wrath - Who's Gonna Lead? Once again, the storming American label, Icarus Audio brings forth quality over quanity with the third release on the imprint. The A-Side features Dabs & Wrath hitting you with a purely infectious, funky roller that slides the shove in all the right ways. The vocal sample sits deep while the bass speaks, add that to a two-step stomp and you've got a floor formula executed with fine precision. DJ supported by several heavy hitters and featured in Maztek's mix in Knowledge Magazine, you can be sure this tune is ready to start a revolution!! AA-Side: Nphonix + Enei - Shadowdancer Nphonix and fellow producer Enei team up to deliver a new groove for the flip. This track is a prime example what happens when the strengths of two extremely skilled producers are properly fused together. Nphonix's signature grime and attitude and the deep atmospherics and pressure from Enei really shine through and allow for this tune to be played anywhere, anytime. This tune is rolling and pushing up to the maximum and coupled with a bassline that bounces just right to form the perfect riff guaranteed to rock it all the way out. Subtitles fans, heads up!