Dizgo - State of Mind Remix / Remedy

Dementia & Rregula / State Of Mind / Trei & Hooves

Record label
Icarus Audio
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 17th 2012


A1Dizgo (State of Mind Remix)Dementia & Rregula remix State Of Mind5:33
B1RemedyTrei & Hooves6:15

Dementia & Rregula - Dizgo *State of Mind Rmx* Dementia & Rregula's "Dizgo" makes a mighty dance floor return with a serious stepper remix from the New Zealand boys of State of Mind. Being early supporters of the original mix of the tune, these guys were a surefire killer for the remix treatment. Huge old-school hoover basslines on the lead, and the drop is nothing short of devastating with a rolling sub line and atmospherics that would cut through any dance floor, anytime. The atmospherics in the breakdown ensure a frenzy before it drops back into what it was made to do, so expect the best when this one hits the system! Trei & Hooves - Remedy This tune starts melodic and beautiful to suck you into a vortex.... Once you're trapped by the intense melodies and vocal overlay, this tune spits you out into a guaranteed madness that isn't rivaled by anything. This bassline is absolutely INSANE, and the slow climbing pitch of it with the punched-up rolling break is just too much to not get people pumping fists and thrashing about! This one does the job, and does it WELL. The breakdown is a sure favorite as the leads get teased by themselves in their gorgeous glory, then the bassline gets the solo treatment too, before it falls back into the controlled explosion it was before. Works like a charm, every time. Boom!