Quiet Storm / Who's Gonna Lead - Chris Octane remix

DBR UK & A.M.C. / Dabs & Wrath

Record label
Icarus Audio
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 8th 2013


A1Quiet StormDBR UK & A.M.C.5:23
B1Who's Gonna LeadDabs & Wrath remix Chris Octane6:49

Take Affirmative Action with the 009 vinyl release on Icarus Audio! DBR UK + AMC Bring vibes to the table and take no names while getting the job done on this killer roller! 'Quiet Storm' has it all. The vocal is infectious, while the percussion and bassline rolls all over their facelines. Simply a must-play for any style of set for Drum and Bass DJ's the world over. The flipside gets the deepness from the man himself, Chris Octane. On the remix of an Icarus Audio anthem from the 003 release, Chris Octane's telling everyone flat out exactly 'Who's Gonna Lead' the REVOLUTION! Taking a twisted approach and creating a rolling groove all the while chopping the drums up and twisting the sounds up in the remix of the anthem from Dabs & Wrath. Killer production from a master engineer.