Dark Sequences EP

Shlomo / Ben Gibson / Takaaki Itoh / Overall Severity

Record label
Invite's Choice Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 24th 2016


A2SitkaBen Gibson6:10
B1HeighterTakaaki Itoh7:11
B2Sleep DisorderOverall Severity6:03

Shlomo opens the EP with a deep and droning, yet uptempo track. Ben Gibson continues on the A-side with a synth and tom-driven track, in which the main synth really draws you into the track. Takaaki Itoh is put on the B1 spot and continues the deep vibe the artists set on the A-side, yet in a more minimalistic way. His track keeps on evolving and growing ever more, while the track in it's core does not change that much. Overall Severity closes the EP off with a moody banger. This dance floor oriented track focuses on percussive elements and the drums a lot. This track is one of the last ones made by the late Max_M, who formed Overall Severity together with Wrong Asessment, which makes this EP a little bit more special. Four different artists, but a great sounding EP with four tracks that compliment each other really well!