Get Away From It All EP

Little Nobody / Bas Mooy / Dave Tarrida

Record label
IF? Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 22nd 2010


A1Get Away From It AllLittle Nobody remix Bas Mooy6:00
B1Get Away From It AllLittle Nobody remix Dave Tarrida5:55
B2Troll (Hardboiled & Dirty Mix)Little Nobody4:45

2010 has seen some juicy, off-the-wall techno/electronic vinyl goodies from the head space of Little Nobody, including the acclaimed 'Metropolis How?' and 'Robota' records - with remixes by the likes of James Ruskin, Justin Berkovi, Inigo Kennedy, DJ Hi-Shock, Si Begg, Patrick Pulsinger and Steve Stoll. But it's the originator of the tracks who continues to push the perimeters, recently leading Hi-Shock, the prolific innovator behind the essential Elektrax empire, to suggest that 'honestly, I think you are at least a couple of years ahead in your musical vision compared to other producers.' Little Nobody's alter ego Andrez Bergen has also had his head buried this year in the creation of a hardboiled/noir/sci-fi novel called 'Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat', and it was in the midst of this project - with these heady influences - that the 'Get Away From It All' 12-inch project came to light. Thus we got on board BAS MOOY (Planet Rhythm/Audio Assault) and DAVE TARRIDA (Tresor/Musick) to do the two scintillating re-takes here, which are downright brilliant. Meanwhile Little Nobody's 'Troll', on the flip-side, lives up to its claim: it's hardboiled and devastatingly dirty electronica. All up, think streetwise, smack-your-glitch-up techno - dark, uber-bassy, dirty and pulsating - just the way we like it, with sardonic samples and a freestyle, postmodern attitude that's invigorating. Matched up with the cool artwork by Marcin Markowski, this is an essential slab of wax for 4:00 am head-caving techno!