Ignescent 003

Agressor Bunx / NickBee

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 24th 2016


A1Club ShakeAgressor Bunx
A2DeadwalkingAgressor Bunx

Brand new on Ignescent comes something different. A true double header, with two tracks each from the super talented Agressor Bunx and NickBee. Always showcasing the faster, harder end of the music, Ignescent means business. Ignescent's first two releases have been met with both success and acclaim, and they are ready to do it all over again with 003, which sees the label's vision expanded through music from two of the hottest names out there. Drum & bass from Ukraine has never looked stronger, and names like those on this release will take the music far into the future. Take a trip on IGNT003. Agressor Bunx start us off with Club Shake. This one erupts like a storm from its electronic opening, dropping into a major main section, with force and power. The bass rumbles as samples and effects flash across the spectrum, leaving you in no doubt of the Agressor's intention. This one's a perfect start to the four-tracker, rolling along with some space age funk. AB continue with the frighteningly good Deadwalking. This one cuts and struts, the sounds of a cyborg race being created. Fall deep into the underground, as the robots soon take over all frequencies. Not letting go for a minute, Deadwalking grabs a hold and takes you far, far away. NickBee provides Resistance with his first effort, showing off his full range of sounds and flavours as he delivers yet another killer tune. The track builds slowing, cutting and chopping into the drop. Tribal percussion finds its way into the mix, alongside sliding synths and low, morphing bass. Nick always provides something different in his tracks, and this is no exception. He finishes out the EP with Matrix, a view from the edge of madness, with sliding, stuttering sounds and an advanced sense of funk. Exploring new territory is very much what Ignescent Recordings are all about, and you'll definitely find something new inside the Matrix.