In The Meantime [full colour sleeve]

Giorgio Gigli & Bichord

Record label
Informa Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 7th 2018


A1Looking For A Dream4:34
A2Talk To Me7:19
A3Human Satellites3:20
B1Just Inside Of You5:10
B2Dive Behind Stars4:25
B3Make Sure To Never Miss A Thing5:07

'In the Meantime' is the result of the partnership between Giorgio Gigli and Bichord. After the release of his album 'The Right Place Where Not To Be' in 2015, the Roman producer finds a magical conjunction with the duo Bichord that leads to six wonderful tracks riding through a long ambient-techno hallway. They dive into the darkness, creating music with a strong melodic impact, using a small number of selected elements to make a trip in perfect balance between abstraction and rhythm. In 'Just Inside Of You' Gigli experiments for the very first time the use of a voice in one of his tracks, with lyrics written by himself and played in a sublime way by Federica Farinelli, that together with Manuel Bozza forms the duo Bichord. The rhythms move forward the journey started with the first album, transforming the pads in intense, glacial atmospheres put into orbit by deep and emotional chords. 'Looking For A Dream' is the prefect example of this symbiosis. With 'Talk To Me' the album excites once again with the soothing voice of Federica Farinelli, riding a muffled rhythmic pulpit that holds the listener in a mystic journey. Corrosive basslines background to 'Make Sure To Never Miss a Thing', a slow-techno track that shows the long work of refinement and attention to detail that characterises the whole album.