Claymore / Nemesis

Future Signal

Record label
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Release Date
July 9th 2012



Producing deep, techy Drum & Bass at a level like Future Signal does is no mean feat, and it's not mere kindness to say that the UK collective has been working hard on this release for IM:LTD, perfecting each track until it reaches their very exacting standards. On the A side, 'Claymore' bursts out immediatly with the sort of dark rolling paranoia that Future Signal have long been applaud for. Sharp whips of synth crack through the deep rumbling bass like a beast being roused from a deep sleep and flashes of light come from the cuttingly crisp snares keeping up that momentum. On the flip, 'Nemesis' is another sleek sinister creature.Its hypnotic, drone-like demonic bass weaving through the intensely scattered drums creates a real sense of claustrophobia, leaving no room for unnecessary embellishments. For Future Signal, less really is more.