Purple Sky Ep

Es.Tereo / Gunston / Hibea / Nuage

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 22nd 2012


A1Purple SkyEs.Tereo6:53
D1Above TimeNuage6:07

A compilation of astounding quality and scope, the 'Purple Sky' EP selects a few of the peak talents on French imprint IM:Ltd's books, mirroring influences and reflecting sounds throughout a wide open spectrum of deep and forward thinking drum and bass. Introducing this Ep, Berlin best kept secret Es.Tereo opens up with the eponymous 'Purple Sky', which scatters lovingly produced drums over a warmly resonating backdrop of ebullient synths as an invitingly close bass moves cautiously underneath. Textures, textures, textures. Then Gunston's 'Transition' kicks off this EP, full of his usual sleight of hand and dark moments as eerie vocals smoothly blend with the top end, creating a feeling of weightless rolling bass being held down by a whirring frenetic-hi hat. On disc 2, Ukrainian lone wolf Hibea steps it up with the dark and menacingly minimal 'Ellipse', tying the EP back down to earth with scummy, carbon-black bass. Adding sparse percussion enough to diffuse that claustrophobic bassline, 'Ellipse' is a nasty bastard you don't want to meet out late at night. Taking up the mantle for the flip, the obscenely prolific Nuage performs his own brand of crystal-clear miracles on the DnB genre with 'Above Time'. Soaring and light with an effortless feeling of space, it's unmistakeably Nuage right down to that sustained glide of synth and deliciously tampered-with vocal snatches. In addition to this copious tracklist, you'll find nothing less than two digital bonus tracks: 'Lonely' from the hottest rookie of the year Gerwin and 'In This Life', another smasher from our Belgian favorite Atmospherix.