Sad Song / Without U

Hobzee & Zyon Base / Peyo & SKS

Record label
Influenza Media
Catalog Number
INMD 003
Release Date
May 11th 2009


A1Sad SongHobzee & Zyon Base5:48
B1Without UPeyo & SKS6:45

Sad Song: Sad Songs for the beginning of 2009? Doesnt sound too appealing to me. But Hobzee and Zyon Bases masterful production take the vibe in a totally different direction. Mellow pianos, horns and techy samples compliment the somber vocal and groovin bassline. Excellent first release for 2009! Sad Song is a beatiful melancholy roller, lush piano and horn licks reverberate on a bed of moody bass tones. This is the thinking mans drum n bass - Stanza Without U: Without U is one slammer of a track, featuring eerie pads, a sweeping melody and delightful vocal. Check out the depth of this track. Once you press play, you wont be able to pull this track off the turntable. The multilayered drums, pads and vocals open up the track and progressively make way to a breakdown sure to make ya take it to the floor. Beautiful orchestration in the break before the drums come around for round two! Big up on this one! Without U is a very deep and moving track. The orchestration moving in and out of the tune, along with the vocal is absolutely beautiful, Sinistarr Without You, This is Deep! The strings in this tune are simply amazing. Epic, haunting and cinematic. Stanza