September EP [full colour sleeve / 180 grams]

DJ Varsovie

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 31st 2019


A1Leaving EarthDJ Varsovie
B1SeptemberDJ Varsovie
B2In My DreamsDJ Varsovie
C1SeptemberDJ Varsovie remix Anetha
D1Leaving EarthDJ Varsovie remix Minimum Syndicat
D2Leaving EarthDJ Varsovie remix Stephanie Sykes

DJ Varsovie's new EP takes place in September 2045, in a futuristic end of summer before we have to leave earth. The journey is supported by remixes from Anetha, Minimum Syndicat and Stephanie Sykes, each one gives a different perspective on this dystopic love story. Septemper EP is a double vinyl edition with a colored sleeve and the record is printed on 180 grams vinyl, some of the tracks are also in 45 RPM for maximum quality.