Joel Mull

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 10th 2020


A1ReminderJoel Mull
A2Reminder (HLX Dub)Joel Mull remix Heiko Laux
B1Reminder (Rayconstructed)Joel Mull remix Ray Kajioka
B2Reminder (OSF Molten)Joel Mull remix Offshore Funk

The Story: It happened in 2004 that Heiko Laux met Steve Rachmad after a gig on the way to the airport where they listened to some fresh demo material. There it was! Between all the others was Joel Mull's track "Reminder"! Heiko fell in love with this song from the first beat on and asked Joel directly after more tracks for a 12". Both weren't happy with the combination of tracks... nothing could satisfy. Time has passed and after nearly one year the track resurfaced on Heiko's desk because Joel forwarded him some sounds. Heiko was reminded and both agreed that this awesome spheric and melodic club track has to be released now! They decided that some Kanzleramt artists should lend a hand on "Reminder" and contribute some remixes for a 12inch. "Reminder" comes as a complete track in itself. So it wasn't easy for each remixer to find a way and give this song his own note. Now, after many remixes within the last 6 months, Joel Mull's "Reminder" is successfully rayconstructed by Ray Kajioka, molten by OSF (Offshore Funk) and dubbed by HLX.