How To Scramble Them Eggs

Offshore Funk

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January 10th 2020


A1Scrambled (Kith And Kin)Offshore Funk remix Chi-Thien Nguyen & John Muder
B1Scrambled (Pt. 1)Offshore Funk

The OSF-Team from the Crome Album is back together with a special Edit by Chopstick & Johnjon! Infected by a sketch of Ray Kajioka; Teo Schulte, Diego Hostettler and Heiko Laux have together produced together their next OSF-single "How To Scramble Them Eggs?" Chi-Thien Nguyen and John Muder aka Chopstick & Johnjon got enthusiastic about "Scrambled" when they heard to Teo's strings for the first time. Some studio-hours later they edited "Scrambled" as their "Kith And Kin" mix. OSF's "Scrambled (Pt. 1)" contains more of Diego's skills playing his typical sound on the keys. OSF goes ahead with their typical balancing act between modern electronics and jazz - brought up to speed. "How To Scramble Them Eggs?" is the precursor to OSF's third album on Kanzleramt which can be expected end of November. "Music is all scrambled eggs; it's how you scramble them eggs" (after Wayne Shorter).