Peder Mannerfelt / Repro / Darc Marc / Uncrat

Record label
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Release Date
August 21st 2020


A1The B 2.0Peder Mannerfelt5:59
A2The Moment Of ImpactRepro4:38
B1Running WIth The DevilDarc Marc7:12
B2Linx (Pure Kaos Version)Uncrat5:36

Techno Letfield legend. Peder Mannerfelt returns, this time in original format, with the second version of a track called The B. The first version probably never existed. As you will hope that this one never existed too while your brain is melting in a Swedish oven spiced with hoovers and sub bass. Hard to deny the back and forward energy between the Copenhagen scene and KAOS. Repro is back in the show. The moment of impact is a heavy trip on high energy mode. Please wear your helmets. Dirty Rocking Bassline is most probably one of my (and SPFDJ) top 3 most played tracks ever. That would be a reason to be more than excited to welcome directly from Devon (UK) to Darc Marc. But you wanted more: Running With The Devil has been another sure hit in your TRACK ID?? requests in the last months. Free-party rooted, hyperdrive, sexy, dark, fast... And now you believe. The hardcore-IDMish dystopia from Uncrat closes poetically this new issue, giving more meaning than ever to that mighty quote that once a wise friend of mine said at an after and that I take now as life motto. #TOOMUCHISTHEMINIMUM