No Money

Sabat Machines

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 9th 2009


A1No Money
B1Valium Gitan

After a succesfull first opus, Sa Bat' Machines strikes again with an even more amazing 2 tracker. Again they bring gipsy music to dubstep with style, almost a trade mark since no one but dem managed it dat well. But most amazing remain A side with a fantastic soul full brazilian dubstep tune, featuring the unique voice of Sa Bat's Machines vocalist Tamara. Dis 12 inch is deffo the not to be missed end of the year dubstep experience. About Sa Bat' Machines: Someone can write all they want about music, but the true test of it comes down to the listen. So sure, Sa Bat Machines say they make a conscious effort to create dubstep departing from the expected elements. But listening to their music makes such a comment superfluous. In one song, gypsy folk styles blend with dub tendencies and melodic wobbles. Here, the wobbles take on a percussionary aura, trickling along like rapid fire drums. There, jazzy instrumentation creates the foundation. Overall, a powerful sense of songwriting prevails. One of the benefits of being involved in a genre during its youth is that everyone who comes to it arrives from somewhere else, bringing along their varied experiences. The backgrounds of these four Parisians are certainly evident in their music. One is a bassist, another a trumpeter. There's also a turntablist and a jazz singer. Two teach computer assisted music. The common interests among them are breakbeat, jazz, jungle and African influences. Although dubstep's tribal primitiveness first attracted them five years ago, they weren't content to leave it at that. And now, at the turn of the century, they're contributing their own unique perspective to the global dialogue.