On My Way EP [vinyl only]

Gogan remix Silat Beksi

Record label
Kooky Music
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 17th 2020


B2RigidGogan remix Silat Beksi7:41

"On My Way" EP is the first vinyl-only release by the Polish label Kooky Music. Gogan, the co-founder of the label, delivers 3 minimal house tracks that portray both Gogan's long-term deejaying experience, and his ambition to think out of his own box as a musician and constantly improve his production skills. What is essential, is that the Polish producer keeps the dance factor at a high level and does not forget that the main role of a clubbing track is to make people move, this is why we get 3 100% dancefloor killers, often minimalistic in form, but with totally groovy feeling. Last but not least, is the atmospheric remix provided by Silat Beksi, one of the finest producers in the world of minimal house (and more). As already said, the release is vinyl-only, so grab your copy as fast as you can, 'cause it's really hard to say if there is going to be a repress in those times that hit the clubbing scene so hard.