The Advent & Industrialyzer

Record label
Kombination Research
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 20th 2011



'TEK' Starting as it means to go on, in big room & an explosive sounding style. Choppy synths create a hands in the air atmosphere whilst lows get that head nodding uncontrollably. AD-IN bringing techno to you here that will light up any club, get the crowd rocking and the party started. The bass opens on every kick, sucking you into the rhythm. A concise 5 minute which has elements from an older Advent track called "P-TEK", with a complex yet delicate array of extra parts. 'SMK' Is the second track on this Kombination Research vinyl. Detroit bass flooding through from the start along with hits and stuttered hats. A fundamental TECHNO groove that sees the track hit the ground running. More simplistic than the first track yet just as affective. A unique synth and melody accompany a moving foundation. A track that has been in the pipeline for some time, finally sees the light of day, and those wishing to let loose and party get a exciting platform to do it through. KR in da house!