Karmarouge Noir Three

Franklin De Costa

Record label
Karmarouge Noir
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 8th 2006


B2Lazy Monday

Franklin De Costa opened up a new chapter in Karmarouges label history with his debut release on ‘Karmarouge Noir’. Now he’s back on the block with another delightful frisky and outstanding fragmented producuction and once again Franklin De Costa succeeds in cocking the ravages of time a snook by focusing on wild fresh funkyness. Despite of the modernity of the production this funkyness never throws itself on to the neck of a trespassing trend. The A-side track “Coxtone” appears with cool funkyness, a wafting minimal house groove and turning atmospheres. Detroitish attitudes as part and parcel of a multifarious sound architecture evolve unhurriedly into affecting deepness. An amazing diversified arranged track that ensnares someone by its delightful dazing psychedelic. On the B-side we have “F3Y", a funky minimal tune with an explicit sound composition and a slack bassline. Once again it’s the clap that arranges the groove of Franklin De Costas productions. The second B-side track “Lazy Monday” comes deep down out of the hip and concentrates on the bassline and a few drum sounds without any particular intention. It’s an easy-going minimal house tune that just screams out loud “Shake your rump baby!".