Various Artists #1 [printed sleeve]

Various Artists

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 5th 2020


A1Gilbert & GeorgesRicco7:11
B1Untimely EndJu-Ju837:45
B2NirvanaRoe Deers5:46
B3Dernier SouffleMarkus Gibb3:47

Lyon based new label Kump presents a stunning debut with a 5 tracks vinyl compilation. Opening with new project "Ricco" by label boss himself Markus Gibb and french producer Jutix aka HLM38, "Gilbert & George" would be the perfect soundtrack of an immersive nightmare in slow motion. Distorted hats and ghostly voices from the graves surronding by detuned guitar and discreet acid cuts. Followed by a Middle East psychedelia inspired, Pletnev's "Thinder" fit in the perfect definition of a dusty weapon. Mystic melodies and mesmerizing bass for suave basement parties. Turn over, Ju-Ju83 is flirting with depression and nihilism. "Untimely End" takes you to an obscure journey in the 80s with this new-wave-ish banger. Where drum machines hangs out with rock bass and dying voice. "Nirvana" by Lithuanian producer Roe Deers is a subby minimalist down tempo triplet drive by "weird-melodic" synths. Killing the codes, this is truly musical rollercoaster for insensible souls. Last breath with Markus Gibb, his "Dernier Souffle" is a shamanic ambient and subliminal Eno-ish track. Ethereal grace synths and smoky reverberations, this is the track to cross the Nevada desert, psychotropes loaded.