Voltage Controlled Fingers

Doc Pavlonium

Record label
La Sabbia
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 13th 2020


A1My Hour And Half
A2Pablo With A Little Of Pedro
A3Everyday Trouble - No Escape
B1Something In My Room
B2First Step Into Computer Era

La Sabbia is a group of friends who share the passion for music. In the last five years we succeeded in building and developing our own studio, where nine people are working and researching. We see music as a universal language to connect people, telling stories and creating new life shapes and patterns accessible to everybody, without boundaries of any kind. Voltage Controlled Fingerz is Alessandro Paolone's first album, the synthesis of his trip in the various forms of electronic music. From the obsession for the Yamaha DX7's and Roland 707's raw sounds, through the complexity of jungle drums and poly-rhythm, to an almost maniacal analysis of the '70s progressive rock scene, you will taste these classic ingredients mixed in the new recipe of Doc Pavlonium.