Meridian EP

Dubiosity & Pjotr G

Record label
Lateral Fragments
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 15th 2017


A2Circle in a World of Squares6:15
B1Buried Alive6:31

Announcing Meridian, the newest vinyl release from Pjotr G and Dubiosity! It all begins with Meridian, filled to the brim with distorted kicks, acid sounds and uplifting synths that take you out of your day to day life. If Meridian is the booster that launches you into the stratosphere, Circle in a World of Squares is the engine that pushes you that bit further away from reality: elevating, haunting sounds entrance you and pull you further into fantasy. Buried Alive, with its echoes and shattering kick, remind you that you are very far away from home, and invite you to take comfort in your new surroundings. Finally, Apex gives you a sense of calm. You may be floating off into space or re-entering the atmosphere, but it doesn't matter: you're surrounded by hypnotizing synths and high hats, and everything seems alright.