M.I.S.T. (VIP) / Flash The Glash


Record label
Lowdown Deep
Catalog Number
LDDR 001
Release Date
March 6th 2006


No tracks

The VIP mix of “M.I.S.T.” is without a doubt the standout track on the 12”, this starts off with a very subtle introduction, with familiar nightwalker sounds and then, when the bass-line drops, it has party written all over, it has a bouncy b-line with nice clean drums. And this track has been supported by the likes of Nicky Blackmarket, Kenny Ken, Mickey Finn, Nightwalker, Sappo, L double and Logan D. Turn the vinyl over and we get another Nightwalker slammer “Flash The Gash”, this track has a slight hard edge to it, with its hard drums and stabby bass-line. It also has a certain stomp to it that you cant get away from when you are listening to it, it has had support from the likes of Ash-a-tak, Sappo, Nightwalker, Logan d and Kenny Ken.