Manni Dee

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 1st 2016


A1Cameron On A Guillotine5:26
A2Occupational Burnout6:39
B1Abundant Fuckry7:22
B2We Live In Hope4:42

Returning to Leyla after inaugurating the label in summer 2015, Manni Dee presents Counterculture. A brutal yet evocative four track EP that conveys emotive states through noise, rhythm, texture and repetition. The opener 'Cameron On A Guillotine' pulls no punches as imagined from the track title. Determined propulsion at 140BPM acts as a stalwart base for sharp metallic stabs to glide over, along with dense atmospheres and percussive detail. Reminiscent of the early days of Birmingham Techno, Manni Dee taps in to his Midlands roots for an unapologetic and overt critique of the current state of affairs. Track two is a more introverted affair, with beds of white noise and atmospheric textures carrying 'Occupational Burnout' to places that both sedate and stimulate, accompanied by intricate and grinding rhythmic repetition. An apt fitting given the track title. Themes of rhythmic brutality return on track three this time in a more spacious form, throughout the astutely titled 'Abundant Fuckry'. Half and double time thrusting layers marry to give birth to a hypnotic bed that continues to expand as the track develops. A playful yet earnest track that displays Dee's skill and proficiency in building original and driving techno. The perfect balance between light and dark, a testament to the concept of Leyla Records, is beautifully presented in the final track. 'We Live In Hope' injects a cinematic sense of optimism through struggle, reminiscent of Dee's work under his Nuances alias.