Jade & Matt-U

Record label
Lime Dubs
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 7th 2011



Lime Dubz keep on cracking with another too hot to handle release.. The long time duo Jade & Matt-U are reunited once again but not for getting back to their dnb roots. No Jade teams up with Matt-U for some highly technical Dubstep sounds.. Grindhouse on Jade's Venom LP was just a taster of what was to come.. With Grindhouse still freshly engraved into our memories it's time to unleash it on vinyl.. But now with 2 brand spanking new heavyweights on there.. Echoes is a sinister roller that's all over the place bouncing left right up and down there's no defending against this monster track.. Instead of going all tear out they crossover to a more medi hybrid sound that will suit well with Dubsteppers of all ages.. The last new track on the 12 is Pump. You guys are thinking it.. and we can confirm.. Yes this is a bass line monster if there ever was one. Grab all of your PA's boys and girls and turn up the volume to max cause its only happening when your chest starts rattlin..