Steal My Heart

Drumsound & Bassline Smith

Record label
Liqweed Ganja
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 19th 2006


A1Steal My Heart
B1Steal My Heartremix Youngman

An absolute stormer of a tune, the tracks strength lays in its simplicity - rolling drums, classic bubbling bassline, swirling strings and horns add to the effect and then two killer hooks, the classic Nightwriters riff sound and a catchy vocal chorus "Memories of love, you stole my heart" sung by Youngman, making this a Summer anthem. This has been getting battered by all the right people, a pure simple and classy tune. Flip it over for a more peak time mix. This remix gets a techy overcoat with its tough drums, squelchy bassline and pendulum style stabs giving the track a big floor euro dance feel.