Seed LP [printed sleeve]

Vadim Svoboda

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 5th 2018


A1Root 17:54
A2Root 25:24
B1Root 34:23
B2Root 44:13
B3Root 52:43

LumieresLaNuit (alias LLN) is glad to welcome back Paris-based music composer, live performer and DJ Vadim Svoboda for the 10th release of the label. Besides being a close friend of the LLN crew and a regular of the label's showcases, Vadim Svoboda has also become a key artist of the label. Indeed, it's with him that it has all started, about three years ago, when he released his 'Syntherapie' EP (LLN000). Eight releases later, we're glad to have him back on board on the occasion of his debut album 'Seed' (LLN009+1). 'Seed' is made up of two records: 'Roots' (vinyl 1: LLN009) and 'Canopy' (vinyl 2: LLN009+1). Whereas 'Roots' sounds like a mini-album in the album, where melodic and melancholic notes alternates with dark and strong beats, Canopy seems - according to its composition - to refer directly to his 'Syntherapie' EP, even though the listener might find the same inspirations in both records.