Wave EP [vinyl only]


Record label
LumièresLaNuit OFF
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 10th 2019


A2MariniGatilove remix Bypass6:24
B2WaveGatilove remix Lost.Act7:13

LumieresLaNuit (alias LLN) is glad to welcome on board another talented Russian producer, Gatilove, and his "Wave EP" for the 8th release of its OFF series. Just as his predecessors Module One and Bypass, Gatilove shows an unbelievable dexterity in delivering soulful, sophisticated and rousing cuts. Whereas "Marini" unveils a breaky and sparkling aquatic atmosphere, "Wave" brings us back above sea level with minimal beats and daydreaming chords. LLN's OFF regular, Russian duet Bypass offers a minimalist and charming version of "Marini" to the sound of Japanese-inspired strings. Lost.Act, as for him, restyled "Wave" in to a floating and techno journey at night. After Moscow-based duet Bypass (LLNOFF001 and -006) and Module One (LLNOFF007), Gatilove is the fourth Russian artist to join LumieresLaNuit, and Lost.Act the fifth.