Beats Like This

Coco Bryce

Record label
Western Lore
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 10th 2019


A1Come 2 UCoco Bryce
A2True RebellionCoco Bryce feat. Dead Man's Chest
B1Beats Like ThisCoco Bryce
B2Like Normal DeathCoco Bryce

Coco Bryce steps up for LORE 006, setting the vibe instantly with the effortlessly anthemic tones of 'Come 2 U'. Subdued chords and etheric vocals are draped over playful breaks and 808s in deadly style, one of those rare tracks that will lift any dancefloor throughout the night! Dead Man's Chest makes an appearance on True Rebellion' fusing ruffcut sample choppage with Coco's riffs & melodies to roll out a hazy recollection of the raves of yesteryear. Side B continues the theme with 'Beats Like This', a neon saturated breakbeat workout of whirling melodies, hardcore riffs & b-boy vocal chops. 'Like Normal Death' revisits Yai r's instrumental hiphop roots, signing off the EP with soaring pads, heavenly vox and a laid back crunch. Released May 10th 2019 on digital and heavyweight (180g) black vinyl, shrink-wrapped & housed in a full art reverse board sleeve.