Fly And Drive

Mladen Tomic

Record label
Loose Records
Catalog Number
LR 12
Release Date
May 31st 2010


A1Fly and Drive
B1Saturday Storm

Part of the tight-knit group of Neapolitan techno labels which includes Rilis, Analytic Trail and MKT, Loose Records is the invention of legendary godfather of Italian techno, Rino Cerrone. Named after the Napoli club, 'Loose', the project was created as a platform for the development of newly emerging electronic acts. Mladen Tomic (MKT /Adult Records) is the star for this latest release on Loose Records. Kicking off the four-track EP is Fly & Drive, a stripped back cut constructed of crisp rolling beats, distorted acid lines and harmonious bell chimes Dens matches up the combined forces of percussive techno and funked-up tech house to unravel a hypnotic and infectiously dynamic groove made up of bouncing bass and punchy beats that underpin multiple layers of melodic loops. Saturday Storm employs a more experimental approach. Contrasting with Tomic's more main-room productions on this EP, this cut is all about the off-kilter combo of deep bass, inaudible vocal snippets and old school rave synth stabs. Concat is a powerful bass-driven linear groove that will be useful for DJ's building longer sets. Tension comes via the strong hum of the bass, tough beats provide the drive and melodic block strikes bring a spooky atmosphere to the cut