Trip Allowed EP

Various Artists

Record label
Loose Records
Catalog Number
LR 13
Release Date
June 14th 2010


A1Dub DrumRino Cerrone & Flavio Diaz
A2BarbateAlberto Pascual
B1Victoria StationLuigi Madonna

Part of the tight-knit group of Neapolitan techno labels which includes Rilis, Analytic Trail and MKT, Loose Records is the invention of legendary godfather of Italian techno, Rino Cerrone. Named after the Napoli club, 'Loose', the project was created as a platform for the development of newly emerging electronic acts. A part of Naples influential techno scene since 1997, few can lay claim to having been as prominent in formulating the cities famous musical style as Rino Cerrone. Joined on this EP by up-and-coming star, Flavio Diaz, Alberto Pascual, Luigi Madonna and Franco; this release brings together the very best old and new sounds coming out of Italy right now and shows why the scene is so strong. The a-side features track from Rino Cerrone and Flavio Diaz (a tight mechanical work out that evolves via bubbling melodic lines and tough beats into a firing old-school influences techno chugger. Next up comes Alberto Pascual with his tribal take on atmospheric techno. Low-slung and moody, Barbate is a subtle track that takes its power from the gentle shifts in pace and punchy groove On the flip centre stage is given over to Luigi Madonna who delivers a trademark quirky tech-bomb that bounces its way through a heavy groove and distinctive vocal loop while rounding off the four-track EP is Franco with his power-horse of a track that goes all out for total dancefloor domination. Seriously tough with firing hats and distorted alarm stabs this cut is hard but brings the funk