Enigma EP

Luigi Madonna

Record label
Loose Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 21st 2011


A1Enigma One7:39
A2Enigma Two6:10
B1Enigma Three5:39
B2Enigma Four6:38

Rino Cerrone's Loose closes the year with Luigi Madonna's 'Enigma ep", the follow up to 2009's Madonna EP. Taking in four tracks and a digital exclusive, the EP is a fitting end of year tribute to a label which has Superb dancefloor tech-house and techno throughout 2010. From the steadily escalating tension/release tactics of the vocally punctured 'Enigma One', things are markedly intense from the off. 'Enigma Two' features clanging sounds and precise yet wide reverbs which evoke the moody atmospherics of Fabric's legendary Room 2 and Berghain while 'Enigma Three' focusses on a swinging groove and a drier, tighter yet equally as menacing vibe. The abrasive synth into of 'Enigma Four' brashly announces the penultimate track of the EP, a rolling techy number with startling soundscapes designed for big systems, while the final track you guessed it 'Love Box', rounds things off with a lighter, housier tone filled with female vocal snips and epic builds. Quality, as always..