Heart Beats EP

Ryuji Takeuchi

Record label
Local Sound Network
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 27th 2011


A1Heart Beats Solid6:37
A2Heart Beats Solid / Audio Injection Remixremix Audio Injection6:09
B1Heart Beats Tight6:33
B2Heart Beats Tight / Mikatek Remixremix Mikatek6:43

Label owner, Ryuji Takeuchi, is on duty to drop another bomb for the 2nd release on his own Local Sound Network (LSN) label. While the 1st release, 'Final Weapon EP', is still hot, Ryuji really shows his definition of Techno with his unique style, which can be well described by these 2 words: Tense and Relax. On the A side, 'Heart Beats Solid' kicks you in the head with its dark, evil and brutal elements. Audio Injection, L.A. based Techno producer, adds another essence of darkness and deepness to it and gets your heart beaten even more straight. On the B side, 'Heart Beats Tight' represents more straight and hypnotic side of Techno. Bosnian all time favorite, Mikatek aka DJ Mika, gives some funk and space to it and keeps your heart beaten tighter. Anyone could hardly stop its heart beaten with this EP, and that's what this EP stands for. Make sure to keep your mind open for the upcoming releases on this Local Sound Network imprint.