Didn't Invent The Remix

The Legendary 1979 Orchestra

Record label
Legendary Sound Research
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 25th 2013


A1Inside Out (The Legendary 1979 Orchestra Remix)Odyssey6:37
A2Lesson 1 (The Legendary 1979 Orchestra Remix)L'Equipe Du Son7:35
B1Dopecity (The Legendary 1979 Orchestra Deep Dub)Emeron & Fox6:26
B2Marwencol (The Legendary 1979 Orchestra Bonus Beats)The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club6:15

Even though he didn't invent the concept, Bucharest born and Amsterdam residing, Andrei Idu, or more familiarly, The Legendary 1979 Orchestra has done a good deal of remixes in the previous couple of years. This record showcases his best remixes and dubs. Apart from "Lesson 1 Remix", all tracks are exclusive to this vinyl release. Starting off the record is the infectious dance-floor filler remix of Odyssey's "Inside Out". The remix was done for the 2011 DJ History Odyssey remix competition. Having received enormous feedback and support, it was about time it saw an official release! The track builds the feel-good instrumental to a vocal chorus driven hands-in-the-air climax. It has been a sure shot secret weapon of The Legendary 1979 Orchestra's DJ sets until now. The second track on the A-side is The Legendary 1979 Orchestra's most successful remix to date. His version of L'Equipe du Son's "Lesson 1" is a warm synth driven piece of the highest quality 80's inspired disco. The percussion and strings fill the track with sentiment. It's been witnessed to melt girls on the dance-floor and make grown men shed tears. The B-side of the record is reserved for the deeper dubs. First off is an unreleased version of Emeron & Fox's "Dopecity". The Legendary 1979 Orchestra takes the original as inspiration and goes deep with it. "Dopecity Deep Dub" is a journey into emotions and euphoria that would fit wonderfully in those late morning deep house sets. Finishing off the record is a Bonus Beats version of Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club's "Marwencol". The original and the first TL79O remix of the track were released in early 2011 on the infamous Russian label Shanti. It was actually The Legendary 1979 Orchestra's first official release. The version on the record strips down the remix going even more dub and keeps the ultra-punchy drums in the forefront for some guaranteed head-nodding business. With each track touching on a different side of underground dance music, this record is a complete guide to the many styles and tastes of The Legendary 1979 Orchestra's compositions. It wouldn't be hard to imagine hearing all four tracks at different times of a perfect club night.