Record label
Legendary Sound Research
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 11th 2015


A1The Right Way8:39
B1Kick It5:04

Two years ago, Kask debuted on Legendary Sound Research to the acclaim of world class taste-makers such as Motor City Drum Ensemble, Jeremy Underground and Bicep. His new EP 'Homegrown' features the same energy and vibrancy filtered through a mature formula of music making. File under: carefree melancholy, soul-searching beat theory and other-worldly new wave. 'The Right Way' takes familiar soul-funk vocals and orchestrates them with pure raw sentiment. Is it love, is it lust, is it right, is it wrong? Is it unrequited, is it mutual? Are we together or alone? It's all in this track! 'Kick It' is a rhythm study. The groove swings hard from the first bar to the last snare-clap combo of the track. Accents of organs and euphoric strings punch in and out adding suspense and excitement. 'Ouroboros' is, as you'd expect from recent LSR releases, the EP's cosmic exploration. The melody is composed of galactically reverberating elements as if observing matter on a universal scale. It all flows infinitely, while crunchy beats are the precise mathematical equations that decipher these gravity-distorted images of existence into sharp glimpses of emotion.