The Light at the end of the Tunnel


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November 30th 2018


A1NepalKas:st remix VRIL
B1The Light at the end of the TunnelKas:st remix 747
B2The Light at the end of the TunnelKas:st

Following the vision of an artistic universe which fluctuates between hypnotic rhythms, dark and mind-blowing emotions, constantly looking to reach the driving mental & melodic aspect into Techno Music, Kas:st are a French-born, Barcelona based-duo which rapidly conquering the world lately. The phenomenal duo makes its debut to MATERIA with the awe-inspiring and spectacularly mystical ''The Light At The End Of The Tunnel EP'' which features 3 original tracks and two remixes by the miraculous producers Vril and 747! Dive in their techno world and through dancing steps you'll definitely find and reach the light at the end of the tunnel!