Temper Reworks EP

Marco Bailey

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 26th 2018


A1Planet Mad (Marcel Fengler Rework)Marco Bailey remix Marcel Fengler6:01
A2Planet Mad (Andre Kronert Dysnomia Version Rework)Marco Bailey remix Andre Kronert7:16
B1Naga (Petar Dundov Rework)Marco Bailey remix Petar Dundov7:45
B2Naga (Koen Hoets Rework)Marco Bailey remix Koen Hoets6:29

With every album project comes a proper remix pack. Marco Bailey has invited some of his most respected colleagues in modern day Techno to come up with an interpretation of two of Temper's toughest cuts. ''Planet Mad'' is being reworked by Marcel Fengler and Andre Kronert. Fengler's rework is an adventurous take on the original and has a strong emphasis on rhythm. Without loosing with the original idea, Fengler builds the rhythm section into a wash of bold drums and rich percussion. Andre Kronert's take on Planet Mad pushes the track's idea into a different direction. Kronert yet again proves to be a craftsman when it comes to textures and builds. While the recognizable bass sound of the original keeps thumping, atypical bits of FX are added to build on an unusual but very soothing atmosphere. For the B side, ''Naga'' is being reshaped by Croatian master of electronics ''Petar Dundov'' and Rotterdam based fast riser; Koen Hoets. Petar Dundov comes up with an esoteric take on ''Naga''. Whilst respecting the form of the original, Dundov goes one notch deeper with his wide array dub elements and feral hat sounds. Koen Hoets delivers a more demure take on ''naga''. Whilst the rhythm section might not be suitable for all club situations, this is adventurous techno at it's best. Noteworthy fx and soul touching strings that float throughout. MATERIA009 - Temper Reworks Part One EP will be available from all specialized retailers starting January 26.