Record label
Hospital Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 29th 2015


A28th Dimension (feat. nClear)
A3Shadow (feat. Deeizm)
A5Once On The Cosmic Station (feat. Pryzma)
A6Fake Snake (feat. RoyGreen & Protone)
A7Harder Than Sox Travel
A8Past-Time Cruiser
A9Climate Changes
B1Deeper Ground
B2Intergalactic Exposure
B3One, Two... Madness
B4The Void Of Plasmatron

* Showcasing Electrosoul System's innovative style with the 'Flawless' LP. An album reinvigorating drum & bass experimenting with raw industrialised sounds and futuristic twists. With an abundance of originality, 'Flawless' demonstrates the refined skill of one of Russia's most exciting musical talents. * Journeying through an eclectic set of tracks from the deep jungle trek of 'Time Traveller' to the hypnotic warehouse wanderings of 'Shadows', tempting the ear with the all-alluring vocals of Deeizm. Title track, 'Flawless' takes a trip through a daydream state, following through with the funk fusions of 'Past-Time Cruiser' before dropping into 'Harder Than Sox' for some relentless percussive pull-ins. * Having begun producing from the mere age of fourteen, its unsurprising Electrosoul System has already had a successful string of releases on a number of well established drum & bass imprints, alongside running his own label KOS.MOS.MUSIC. Also remembered for his prominent appearance in Hospital Record's 'The Future Sound of Russia' compilation back in 2009, whilst fast-forwarding to 2015 Electrosoul System featured on Sunchase's 'Kolo' - a firm favourite from the stunning 'The Truth' EP. Impressing once more with this fine contribution to the Med School catalogue, 'Flawless' is set to excite the ears and open the eyes of Med School and KOS.MOS fans alike.