Stereotype / Gravitron

Optiv / Rregula

Record label
Mindtech LTD
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 4th 2011



The digital label from France / Belgium presents its first vinyl release and hits us with a killer split EP from OPTIV and Rregula! With 22 digital releases and 3 lp's under their belt they are slowely becoming a big name in the Neuro / Techstep scene. They are working with artists like Zero Method, Future Signal, Xilent, No Money, Rregula, Mejfus and many more. For their new release 'Mindtech' got such big tracks from both OPTIV and Rregula, it was just meant to be on vinyl! The music portraits perfectly what the label stands for: A pure combination of Neurofunk and techstep. Straight for the dancefloor!