Supertensor / Equilateral

Billain / Allied

Record label
Mindtech LTD
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 8th 2013



A: BILLAIN - 'Supertensor' For years now, this producer has been developing an extremely original, exciting array of sounds that he has woven together into a creative, complex body of work. Living through the unimaginable darkness of war in his home city of Sarajevo, music was his saviour. Having produced around 300 minimal techno tracks, Billain started to look outwards. New inspiration came via Ed Rush & Optical's legendary 'Wormhole' LP and this was his turning point towards a world of techno-influenced drum and bass, a path he treads to this day. With 'Supertensor' on MINDTECH LTD, he writes a new page in the book of insanity. Heavy breaks, percussive obsession, abstract sound, cinematic intro... All the ingredients required for an evil musical recipe. B: ALLIED - 'Equilateral' Welcome on board the Allied locomotive. Constantly discovering and exploring sequencers, synthesisers and samplers, the Brighton duo patiently and repeatedly experiment with the drum and bass blueprint. With a strong sound that stands out from the crowd, Allied are one of those rare duos that instinctively know how to faithfully realise their existing visions whilst creating a unique sonic signature, positioned somewhere between ultra-rollin' drums and tech-influenced grooves. 'Equilateral' is 100% Allied. Concise, irresistible, equally at home on a pair of headphones or on the dancefloor. Deliciously polished, this is kind of quality you expect from the UK, the spiritual home of drum and bass.