Lode Runner EP


Record label
Mindtech LTD
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 16th 2013


A1Lode Runner4:56
B1Bunt Hunt5:12
C1Gelatinous Mass5:13

'Beneath this world's tranquil facade lies the Lode Runner. He plots a course deep beneath the surface, an unstoppable motive force clearing a path through all that lies between him and you. Beware. For when the inevitable happens. When he finds what he is searching for, you like so many before you will be lost forever, caught in his devastating wake.' Rregula day-dreams with this new double vinyl EP on Mindtech LTD, inspired by classic video game 'Lode Runner'. The title track rolls out from a video game style intro like Super Mario on a mission. Bunt Hunt arrives hot on his tail, bringing a Tetrisian beat tesselated with retro synth sounds. Gelantinous Mass, howling and wild, is programmed to move your feet on the dancefloor. Finally, we reach the last level, Barnes, where the electric bass and rock overtones dance with the silence. 100% full-fat Rregula!