Splitter / Dunwall

Minor Rain / Cruel Culture & Keosz

Record label
Mindtech LTD
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 29th 2014


A1SplitterMinor Rain6:21
B1DunwallCruel Culture & Keosz6:03

One of the most consistent outlets of Neurofunk in the scene today, Mindtech has become widely known for its dark, uncompromising brand of Drum and Bass. Staying true to the dark underside of Drum and Bass, Mindtech has rightly gained a reputation for putting out some of the most innovative, experimental, hard tracks from some of Neurofunk's most exciting producers. With a discography that features the likes of Optiv, Billain, Rregula, Axi, Allied, Nphonix and Nickbee - it's little wonder Mindtech is held in such high esteem by those in the know. Following the massive Lode Runner EP by Rregula, Mindtech are ready to drop their long awaited fifth vinyl release. Featuring the complex, funk-infused sounds of Minor Rain's 'Splitter' and the rolling 'Dunwall' by Cruel Culture & Keosz, Splitter/Dunwell represents another chapter in Mindtech's exciting mission. Minor Rain - Splitter One of Drum and Bass' rising stars, Minor Rain only began producing in 2009 but his obvious talent shows in 'Splitter'. Featuring a deep, textured introduction Splitter transforms into a complex DnB track full of groove, intricate percussion and bass. The perfect blend of high level production and pure rhythm, 'Splitter' shows why Minor Rain has already seen releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Dispatch, and Samurai Music . Cruel Culture & Keosz - Dunwall With a discography featuring the likes of Mindtech, Trust in Music and Citrus Recordings between them, Cruel Culture and Keosz team up for 'Dunwall'. A rolling juggernaut, 'Dunwall' packs in retro synths, advanced percussion and high level production for a track that is as subtle as it is devastating. Featuring a pounding but smooth bassline, 'Dunwall' represents another innovative side to the Mindtech sound.