Talcum Powder


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 13th 2012


A1Talcum Powder6:37
B1All Right6:37

Mkt Records get out a new product signed by Raf Pisani and Marco Conte a.k.a. Audiomatiques with a project of 3 tracks, where can be found everything about techno. The faboulus duo had already become known for the EP "So Bad", released on Loose Records on may 2010 with Roberto Capuano, including remix by Rino Cerrone. "Talcum" has a very pumping groove, everything is reached by vocal effects and enclosed synths filling the track. Smooth frequencies and dynamic joints make a fluid moving for this tune. "Assassin" is made by percussions in upbeat almost like tribal loop, the pumping groove is still in the game and the acidrush goes straight to explosion for the restart of the track. Neapolitan techno gear. Everything is "All Right" specially with a warm bassline to do the difference, aggressive hihats moving the frame very fast. The track is structured by snares and percussions embedded in background, all is pushed by vocal tricks and the restart is increased by a very short break. Very nice project from Neapolitan duo, south school is ever on top and in running evolving. Mkt records, top quality Techno.