Underground Files Vol. 1

Adam Arthur / Michael Kuntzman

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 27th 2016


A1Rogue IntentAdam Arthur
A2FlamencoAdam Arthur
B1ShutterMichael Kuntzman
B2MondaneMichael Kuntzman

Alleviated Records is proud to present the first edition of ''Underground Files''. We hope to introduce you to new Artists/Producers/Technicians with this series. This first edition includes selections by 2 Memphis-based dj/technicians/producers, Adam Arthur and Michael Kuntzman. Side A features Arkansas native Adam Arthur starting off with ''Rogue Intent''. If you're looking for radical-pumping house, look no further to get your crowd going crazy on the dancefloor. Next, we change the flavor a bit with ''Flamenco'' for when you need some downtempo warm seductiveness. Side B features 2 selections from Memphis dj/producer Michael Kuntzman. First up is ''Shutter'' with a bumping sci-fi-house flavor. Then we have ''Mondane'' with a pumping abstract-tribal-surreal tone. We hope you enjoy these for many years to come! Musically yours!