Change The State Of Motion - 180gr

Fundamental Interaction

Record label
MM Audio
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 17th 2016


A1InertiaFundamental Interaction5:34
A2InertiaFundamental Interaction remix Binny5:18
B1RuinationFundamental Interaction6:08
B2Angular MomentumFundamental Interaction5:15

"Change The State of Motion" sees Fundamental Interaction deliver 3 original tracks, "Inertia", "Ruination" and "Angular Momentum", and the EP is rounded off with a blistering remix of "Inertia" by Binny "Inertia" is a track designed for the floor, with a tough, hypnotic synth line that gathers pace as the track progresses. Binnys remix deconstructs the elements of the original, turning it into a more pounding, jacking affair. "Ruination" takes things deeper, the main synth filters in and out, with lush atmospheres and dubbed out percussion helping the track along. "Angular Momentum" takes things on a trippier route, a swinging synth line helped along with pulsating claps and powerful stabs.