We Heard It Coming

Juho Kahilainen

Record label
M_Rec Ltd Grey Series
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 11th 2012


A2We Heard It Coming8:10
B2The Less We Try6:31

Grey Series, an offshot of the already well established M_Rec Ltd., aims at celebrating the reclusiveness of techno, its core ideas, its attitudes and its most recent mutations. Traditions that while remaining, have allowed today's artists to conceive uncompromising and exciting sounds. Its first release sees Juho Kahilainen explore dark and glacial territories. "Epilogue " is the end of the darkest set, with its sinister piano moving slowly on a set of digital sounds meant to shut off any source of light. "We Heard it Coming" enhances stripped down techno with echoes of what seems to be field recordings from an unexplored locations. "Rotko " dims the light down with its flirty, crepuscular details. Acid and irresistible, it's a trip that carries you on and on. "The Less We Try " takes a dramatic turn, where a beat that pays tribute to acid sounds encounter a martial soundwave and its tense and dooming melody. Grey Series is dedicated to everyone who lives techno today, who recognizes that there's a whole array of possibilities to explore, away from whatever the dancefloor requires.